the latest of the marvel comics

What’s up? Are you a comic addict? So here is the best choice for you. So don’t miss it! This coming March 10,2010 is the arrival of your favorite comic books collections and posters. I encourage you to visit the Marvel Catalog.

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rocreh web design the rush-up

i have join a contest in our school which is the chatty news here is rocreh web design contest a search engine optimization contest . many expert participants have join and especially my fellow genius x-classmate here.  seo is not a totally for genius  it is for everyone who is interested and i do presented myself. gosh… but since the contest will ended up soon i don’t think i’m gonna win this. see i am trying to make a rush here. i thought the contest is just that easy that is why i take a pretty rest before but now getting pressure and i got my headache on how to take my entry down to page one. the funny thing here my entry is in page 18 not bad from the first day i didn’t have a visit on it.i am not that interested actually but i have enjoying this many competencies and the contest were taking more and more trickier. the contest makes me particularly a nuts? see? i’m getting crazeee, joke, just kidding. much better to have kyle for this contest you see it makes me getting responsible ever since the first moment i take a register. huh the best thing here  i post and entry for this found it at p2 and make it loose down to p21 and then i have been deleted it. shock after a week  a friend of mine said he saw it on last Saturday i think on page 1 really? i’m was  shocked… but they found nothing but my pretty funny photo on my blog. hahaha… i only have a laugh although i have take a waste of time for that it makes me  think for a long time. i prayed that night, much better not to take a pin on it but still i have here my best entry i hope i can win this…. so wish me luck……………………………………………………….

web maintenance

e-commerce web design-Maintaining a website is a fact of life, a part of a web development cycle. This means that maintenance can begin as soon after the website goes online. Maintaining a website is quite different than maintaining application software. There are some special issues and procedures needed for Websites, due to their nature and operational status.

A website should be fully functional in every seconds. Websites, usually the e-commerce site must be in a continuous operation. Maintenance of e-commerce site should be done without taking the site off-line. However, instances which is necessary to lock out the use of pages in a portion of a Website while change are being made. It can cause a “Temporarily Out Of Service” or similar notice on the main page of the section being maintained and disabling all links within that segment. This gives the page visitors an indication of the change, which may reduce confusion.

Is the most common maintenance issue for any Website, the changes made by your sites might be validated when the links are still working and accurate. Periodic checks are needed to be performed to activate the pages when are found from the links, it can be done manually or to create for the use of software in a purpose.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) – is a set wherein the methods of promoting and publicizing blogs are through the attraction of a website to a viewer. Generally the search engine optimization is a service to help making up blogs exist in a web. The main purpose is to popularize your blog into the World Wide Web. Why then you won’t make something new, make your blog as a habit as a part of your work to earn money while doing nothing at home. The top main secret of a genius in blogging is optimization. This is not quite a big help but basically you must first come to it. It is also the reason why your blog appears on a web. Social media is not limited for a bloggers; the development of a social media is truly increasing as a part of business integration. The satisfaction and relation of a business development is to recruiting, and a brand building for your website. Social media features itself added to the content of a website including the functionality like image and videos incorporating as the third party of your site community. RSS feeds, social news and other sharing buttons, are some example. Therefore other promotional activities like blogging, commenting to some others blog, participating into discussion group and posting for updates might be such a help for you to increase up your blogs. Sometimes social media optimization is quite different in several matters such as driving traffic from other sources rather than search engine. The benefit of the improvement gain from the search engine tanking is also a great advantage of a successful SMO. As a via marketing communication there are times that words to words is not good enough to promote something for a product or else. People all over the world is not just that so easy to convince because we do not know what they are thinking and what they like. People are not the same of course, but through the use of networking similar ways of engagement with blogs achieve what the people are trying to exist what they want to express to other people. So blogging is not just for promoting but might be a self denial of yours. I mean something that you can be able to make friends all over the world since communication is now in a great part of our life. Technology is within our life and into the whole world.


Sta |Monica Parish in even during the Spanish period, the parochial church and convent of Panay had already undergone several restorations and reconstructions. Destructive typhoons, Moro raids and sporadic rebellions had often left these ecclesiastical structures of the Sta. Monica Parish in ruins. Early as 1994 during the term of Msgr. Romualdo A. Azarcon, an initial plan for the restoration and reconstruction of Sta. Monica church, Panay was proposed. As its parish priest Msgr. Mald had asked the benevolent assistance of the Department of Tourism and the National Commission on culture and Arts for the realization of this project. A significant milestone. However, happened. In 1997, the Sta. Monica Parish in Panay was declared a National Historical landmarks by the National Historical Institute in its Resolution No.3 series of 1997. Panay, originally called Bambam, was established in 1572. The church, constructed in 1884 under the direction of Fr. Jose Beloso who commissioned Don Juan Reina to cast a bell for the church from seventy sacks of coins donated by the town people. This bell, the biggest in the Philippines measures seventy feet in diameter, five feet in height, and weighs 10,400 kilograms. The three-century old church is in deplorable condition. Weeds and fungi had slowly deteriorated its wall. Changing weather and climate had produced cracked surfaces. Bats and other creatures had transformed the church as their own filthy shelter. The roofing system was about to collapse. But on April 18, 2001 very Rev. Msgr. Benjamin F. Advincula, P.C. was appointed as parish priest of Panay. He decided to start the renovation work of the church and reorganization of the Basic Ecclesial. On June 10, 2001 the P13.5 million project “Restore Panay Church!” was launched. The next day was indeed eventful as the renovation work started based on the project study and recommendations of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Manila. The structural plan was done by structural Engineer Buenaventura F. Oroceo and the whole venture was executed by Architect Graciano Balderama. The roofing system was demolished. Wooden trusses were change into steel and the corroded G.I. sheets were replace with CPAC Monier roof tiles. On December 2004, the blessing of the just renovated belfry, and the repository of the biggest bell in Asia, which weighs 183 arrobas (10.4tons or 23,000 lbs) took place the Spanish inscription on the bell reads: “say la vos de Dios que levare y enzalzare desde el principio hasta el fin de este Pueblo de Panay para que los fieles de Jesus vengan a esta casa de Dros q cecibis las gracias celestials” (“I am God’s voice which shall I echo and praise from one end to the other of the town of Panay, so that the faithful followers of Christ may come to his house of God to receive the heavenly graces”). The other important achievement of Msgr. Ben were the erection of the “Paseo de Evangelizacion en 1566” at the town plaza, and the creation of Muebles de Panay,” a furniture shop that utilizes the antique wood from the roof trusses which continues to aid the reconstruction effort of the parish. In 2005 the convent was also renovated. The funnel came from several donation and items sold from “Muebles de Panay”. The wood tiles used for the flooring were specially designed designed by Msgr. Ben from the old trusses of the church. The 300 year old original convent pillars made from molave were still preserved and are exposed for public display. The red tiles (tizas) used to decorate the walls came from the old flooring of the church interiors. Adjacent to the convent is the parish hall named after Fray Martin de Rada, O.S.A, the first proclaims Gospel in the town of Panay in 1566, the first Christian pueblo in the Panay island. The re-opening of the “Museo de Sta. Monica”, which houses various religious artifacts be speaking of Panay’s glorious history.

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area rugs

Don’t you know that area rugs are made up of two parts? It is made up of vertical running threads which are called the warps, while the other horizontal threads are called wefts. When you try to bond all together the running threads it turns to different colors. Area rugs can also be woven or tufted by hands. And also the more the design the more complexity it has and the more it become expensive than the usual rugs it can be. Therefore rugs can be made from any different materials like yarn, nylon, olefin, wool, and polypropylene.

Some people think that choosing the place where the area rug is going to be placed, is the where the particular should not needed to out how much traffic is that particular area going to get, therefore if out how much traffic is that particular area might cause the rugs to fade its uniqueness immediately. And be wise to choose the better quality of the rugs, so that the ultimate you wouldn’t end up spending money in nonsense than as usual.

One simple tip if you have pets in your house, it is much better if you take some concern while buying rugs. Kids and pets might cause the rugs to damage easily. Some pets as you may ask they are in a habit of making the rug their sleeping area and can make it dirty real fast. Go for kids rugs which are stain resistant in such cases.

And the other purpose to consider the area tugs is going to serve you to make the room as the main area of interest, and then you could be able to be with the rugs making a unique design of your favorite pet if wanted to do so. The design and pattern of the rug will surely draw everybody’s attention to it. But if you do not want it to be the focal point, then you should go for a rug which isn’t too colorful and has a simple design on it.

To decide on how much you can afford to spend rugs before you go shopping, is to stick a budget with it. There are some which can cause to make a difference in your bank balance account, I mean the rugs which has no any quality to subsist any longer a kind of a rugs which you cannot be able to use it probably. A good option rug is braided in which are highly durable and can provide good warmth and yet are not too expensive. If you are on a budget you may want to go for a cheaper alternative, synthetic rug. These rugs are not hand knotted like wool rugs but the fibers are punched with needles like in carpets. You can also let it often as you like and give the area a new look with new holiday rugs every time.

You may like many area rugs but you have to stick to a budget too. Decide how much you can afford to spend on the rugs before you go shopping. There are some rugs which can break the bank while some won’t cause much difference in your bank balance. A good option is braided rugs which are highly durable and provide good warmth and yet are not too expensive. If you are on a shoe string budget you may want to go for a cheaper alternative, synthetic rug. These rugs are not hand knotted like wool rugs but the fibers are punched with needles like in carpets. You can replace them as often as you like and give the same area new look with new holiday rugs every time.

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the image of truth

the image of truth reflects into your own self.


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