People in a Calamity of typhoon Ondoy

The typhoon Ondoy really did a great disaster among the Filipinos especially those who live in the central part of Luzon. Many lives were taken. And many Filipino family are suffering from a deep emotional pain loosing their love ones during the said event. Many houses, schools, buildings, and other properties were totally ruined. Until now I think is the fifth day of after the typhoon attacked the country. But still the flood among the places of Laguna may reached about 6ft. above the ground. The typhoon is only at signal no.1 but the rainfall continue at almost around 9 hours.

However, the media, AFP, coastguards, celebrities, Phil. Army, Reservists, volunteers, and the Filipino people around the world unite as a family trying to help their fellowmen in a very abundant way they could do.

See how the Filipino people became so powerful in spirit and faith. Whatever may cause to bring them down, they never loose hope, not in any single moment especially during the said calamity. Instead, “as long as the road goes rough, a person is getting tough”. The reason why we never give up.

Although, we have to admit that God won’t let this happen without a purpose. And ofcourse there is nothing to blame for this tragic-event brought by the typhoon Ondoy. It is also our fault, so let’s help to prevent this kind of event may happen once again..


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