Responsibilities in OES TSETNOC

The author of this blog oes tsetnoc that you may see in my blog really did a great job. Because the content of  his blog is very useful, especially  for the beginners who want to understand the world in the field of blogging. Because, when you once join in the society of thoughts and ideas using your computer by means of blogging you are automatically taking a great responsibility for that kind of a blog you did. And one thing I have learned is on how to make sure that your blog is secure. I also realized that using your ability and skills making a program like your own website by advertising can be a big help for you to improve your lifestyle. Well, it seems that blogging is not just a hobby but it can also be a great job to earn more money by what they called the SEO/SEM or Search Engine optimization/Search Engine Marketing.

Because, as what I did, as long as I stay on my computer I become more and more interested on the subject, I hope as well as you.


Enjoy and learn in a click!   


4 Responses to “Responsibilities in OES TSETNOC”

  1. Oes Tsetnoc Says:

    That is why now a days there are people who blogs so they can earn money. Oes Tsetnoc

    • lhen1992 Says:

      I have always viewing your blog.
      your blog has been crawled, isn’t it?
      Mr.Bleuken mentioned one of his friend’s blog was crawled.
      I’m just wondering if you know him?
      Mr.Bleuken I mean, he is also a seo contestant.
      By the way your blog is amazing. Great job! No wonder they were jealous of you that is why they crawled your blog. KIDDING!!
      Just keep up the good work and good luck!

  2. Oes Tsetnoc Says:

    Hi! Thanks for viewing my entry. I know Bleuken through seoph but we have not met personally. Are you Filipino?

  3. lhen1992 Says:

    You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure. So, you really are professional. I admire you really!
    And I’m proud to say “yes”, I am Filipino.
    How about you? May I know you?
    I hope you won’t mind.

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