HC 6th Get Together Party, Batch’09

This are the remarkable photos taken by our CSC131 instructor,Mr. Jason Moises during our 6th Computer Department’s Get Together Party in Flatrock Beach Resort on July 29,2009. I tried to pretend that I’m was happy but there is something which bothered me. “How could I become so selfish that time. By the way never mind about it its very personal.

This time all I’m was thinking about is the precious memories here in my heart. Whether it may be happiness or loneliness, whatever it may be I am always proud that I am special as an individual. So as you! It’s wonderful to think back of the past, remembering how could you pass through all the trials in your life. Just to make sure, just keep on moving on. Don’t forget to blow out your sweet smile every single day.

I am happy and I blame no one why I am here in Roxas City. The truth is I am lucky to have this opportunity to learn and to gain knowledge about computers. I am thankful to be a part of this website created by our handsome teacher here in Hercor College.

Here kindly look at this!



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