My Plan After Sembreak

After the final exam I’m going to prepare my records and papers of school. because I’m going back to Bicol where my family is in there. My life here in Roxas City is very remarkable from the deepest part of my heart. I think I have enough experiences and discoveries of my stay here, its been one year and four month.
Capiz is a great place to captivate.I have been in many places and is truly amazing.
In here I have learned in many ways of life. Because of my aunt I realized I can do more to improve myself, and on how to care about the others. I finally knew myself who I am. My strength and weaknesses. She gave me the courage to move on. Where I deserve to look on forward together with my family. My aunt thought me on how on to become an independent- my obligations and responsibilities of life. Now, I know what is the purpose why does my destiny takes me where I am belong. And it feels great to appreciate the beauty of the world more especially the people around you who give you the essential and valuable things to be inspired of.
I have changed a lot where I never recognized myself before.
And when I get there in Bicol I will adopt the things I have learned from here.
No one can ever say how I wanted to thank both of them.
“My aunt and her husband kuya Nathan”.


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