Are you a fan of Michael Jackson?


Yes, I am. because he dance and sing perfectly. The way he moves his body is really amazing. It seems he dance into the air. Very talented! Michael jackson is a black-American doesn’t he? And one of his greatest dream is to be a white-colored skin. Because God blessed him a talent, he used it to make his dream come true. that is why, he cannot only be a fan, but a model to everyone as well. So, When you dream something, go and seek for its way… make it all come true.

Many dancers all over the world tried to immitate his personality, don’t you think? No, I mean his dance steps. Anyway, I idolized not only he is a talented man. But, because there is alot of issues for him, still he did not give up his carreer, he did not stop making people happy for what he think is good. He really is a fan of a million people all over the world. But now since then, he died this year, may I guess? The music and his dances will never fade from the heart and mind of many people. And even centuries will gone and pass by the music he contributes to the world will continue generation to generation.


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