Getting pressure, no worries! I’m just wondering. How could be the ranking in SEO CONTEST became so important? Although I haven’t any idea about that but I think I can understand. It is a c0ntest actually. But if it talks about my side. It doesn’t matter where in the rank am I. As long as I am doing my best, I am happy just then. Well you see I as the author or a blogger my happiness depends upon my readers,more especially if they like it and even for simple comment dedicated for me. It gives me inspiration to keep on blogging responsibly. But a while ago, I realized when you find your blog is in the page one, there is a possibility that viewers can take the chance to have a click of your blog, then read it… And you might be proud when it happen of course. Just blog in a way you love to, not because you were just forced to do that, be inspire of what you think it is good for you.

Participants are getting disappointed when they see the result of their blog that it was not good. Don’t be ashamed when it happens, but to be inspired you can do something good better than that instead… And don’t spend your time too much of work. Just relax and have some fun together with your family and friends. Consider your work as a part of your hobby everything will be just fine… I’m sure people around you will be glad for you to do that. so good luck!


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