web maintenance

e-commerce web design-Maintaining a website is a fact of life, a part of a web development cycle. This means that maintenance can begin as soon after the website goes online. Maintaining a website is quite different than maintaining application software. There are some special issues and procedures needed for Websites, due to their nature and operational status.

A website should be fully functional in every seconds. Websites, usually the e-commerce site must be in a continuous operation. Maintenance of e-commerce site should be done without taking the site off-line. However, instances which is necessary to lock out the use of pages in a portion of a Website while change are being made. It can cause a “Temporarily Out Of Service” or similar notice on the main page of the section being maintained and disabling all links within that segment. This gives the page visitors an indication of the change, which may reduce confusion.

Is the most common maintenance issue for any Website, the changes made by your sites might be validated when the links are still working and accurate. Periodic checks are needed to be performed to activate the pages when are found from the links, it can be done manually or to create for the use of software in a purpose.

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