Getting pressure, no worries! I’m just wondering. How could be the ranking in SEO CONTEST became so important? Although I haven’t any idea about that but I think I can understand. It is a c0ntest actually. But if it talks about my side. It doesn’t matter where in the rank am I. As long as I am doing my best, I am happy just then. Well you see I as the author or a blogger my happiness depends upon my readers,more especially if they like it and even for simple comment dedicated for me. It gives me inspiration to keep on blogging responsibly. But a while ago, I realized when you find your blog is in the page one, there is a possibility that viewers can take the chance to have a click of your blog, then read it… And you might be proud when it happen of course. Just blog in a way you love to, not because you were just forced to do that, be inspire of what you think it is good for you.

Participants are getting disappointed when they see the result of their blog that it was not good. Don’t be ashamed when it happens, but to be inspired you can do something good better than that instead… And don’t spend your time too much of work. Just relax and have some fun together with your family and friends. Consider your work as a part of your hobby everything will be just fine… I’m sure people around you will be glad for you to do that. so good luck!


designWhy do people keep on blogging?

The internet and the web have put a world of information at everyone’s fingertips, and more information is becoming available everyday. No one owns the internet, and anyone can put up a website. Weblogs known as blogs, are increasingly popular way for people to share their thoughts , daily diary, or travel experiences with others. Some sites are moderate and controlled, most are based from anyone’s opinion and there are also many sites that are misleading and remains unchecked. So, you must be aware!

Anyway, Have you ever tried to ask yourself why do you keep on blogging? Does it make you a sense? Why do you spend much of your time and efforts on your computer, making your daily posts? What is your purpose?

According to Mr. Search Engine as what I called him, “People starts blogging so that they can earn money”. Like what? Through SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/ Search Engine Marketing).

What is Search Engine?

People use search engines by typing in key words about their chosen subject; a list of sites that might help them, then appears on screen. Among the best known search engines are Altavista, Ask Jeeves, Google, and Lycos. These search engines often use programs called Spiders to visit as many websites as possible and compile an index of them. Most web browsers include a search button that will help start a search.

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Mr. Bleuken or  Mr.Search Engine

By the way, what if I tell you something about must story on how I become a part of this topic (blogging):

I am  a 17 years old, 2nd year college student taking Bachelor of science Computer Science, Ladderized. It is my ambition to become a writer. Such as being a composition writer, novelist, journalist, and a graphic designer is included. I also dream about that someday I can be able to published my own articles. But it seems that I finally know how to create blogs, there is no need to wait for a long journey… I can possibly get through out of my dream and I will keep on blogging responsibly! Every now and then.

How about you? Why do you keep on blogging?

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