rocreh web design the rush-up

i have join a contest in our school which is the chatty news here is rocreh web design contest a search engine optimization contest . many expert participants have join and especially my fellow genius x-classmate here.  seo is not a totally for genius  it is for everyone who is interested and i do presented myself. gosh… but since the contest will ended up soon i don’t think i’m gonna win this. see i am trying to make a rush here. i thought the contest is just that easy that is why i take a pretty rest before but now getting pressure and i got my headache on how to take my entry down to page one. the funny thing here my entry is in page 18 not bad from the first day i didn’t have a visit on it.i am not that interested actually but i have enjoying this many competencies and the contest were taking more and more trickier. the contest makes me particularly a nuts? see? i’m getting crazeee, joke, just kidding. much better to have kyle for this contest you see it makes me getting responsible ever since the first moment i take a register. huh the best thing here  i post and entry for this found it at p2 and make it loose down to p21 and then i have been deleted it. shock after a week  a friend of mine said he saw it on last Saturday i think on page 1 really? i’m was  shocked… but they found nothing but my pretty funny photo on my blog. hahaha… i only have a laugh although i have take a waste of time for that it makes me  think for a long time. i prayed that night, much better not to take a pin on it but still i have here my best entry i hope i can win this…. so wish me luck……………………………………………………….